Kiwanis - Serving the Children of the World
Sunrise Vista
Serving the Children of the World


Kiwanis International is composed of over 8400 clubs
in 80 countries with a membership in excess of
280,000. International Headquarters are in Indianapolis, IN.

Kiwanis is broken down into Districts. We are in the
California-Nevada-Hawaii District, more commonly
called CAL-NEV-HA. We are the largest, by
numbers. of all the Districts with over 16,000
members. The Districts are then broken down into
Divisions and we are in Division 37, which has 19
clubs in the North County.

was chartered in May of 1973. Two
charter members are still in the club - Raub Mathias,
our first President, and Tommy Thomson. At the
present time we have 41 members, of which 8 are
Senior members, and 33 are active. A Senior member
is one that has been in Kiwanis for at least 10 years
and for one reason or another cannot make all the
meetings. The Board of Directors of our Club is
elected each May and takes office on October 1 as
the Administrative year of Kiwanis is October through
September. We have a President, President-elect, Vice
President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Secretary,
Assistant Secretary, an immediate Past President, and
seven directors in two classes. Most of the business of
the club is done by the board.

We meet each Wednesday morning from 7:00 to
8:15AM at Mariscos Rancho Grande Restaurant,
825Williamston St. in Vista.

In addition to our service projects, we enjoy genuine fellowship
and fun at ourmeetings and work projects. Our weekly meetings
include invited speakers on various subjects of vital
interest. We publish an award winning weekly newsletter
keeping members informed. Members come from various
classifications in the business world.


We are a SERVICE CLUB! That is service to our
community of Vista and to the young people of this
community. We feel that regular attendance at the
Wednesday meetings is important, so that one can reap
the benefits of fellowship and also to partake in our
activities. There are many ways to make up a missed
meeting. You can do this by attending a board
meeting, another club meeting, participating in a fund
raising event or in a club activity, etc. We have
several Major Committees: Community Service,
Youth Services, Major Emphasis, Sponsored Youth,
and inter-clubs. We try to put a lot of emphasis on
"getting our hands dirty" rather than just writing a
check. Anytime you have a question, don't hesitate to
ask one of our officers.


The name "Kiwanis" is a coined word taken from the
language of an American Indian tribe which l~v~d in
the area where Kiwanis was founded. The original
phrase, "Nunc Kewanis", means "self-expression" or
to "make oneself known". It was shortened and
modified to become "Kiwanis".

"Kiwanis is a global organization of
volunteers dedicated to "SERVING THE

We invite you to join us any time.